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We are Manhattan elite Home Improvement Contractor specialized in top-end custom detailed comprehensive alterations, and renovations of private residences in UES/UWS Landmark, and non-Landmark districts, while our shops are located just minutes away from the job sites.

Regardless of the size, and scope of the projects you can rest assured that we bring up-to-date sophisticated means, and methods to have the jobs done in most efficient way, and with full understanding of local building codes, rules, safety, and privacy requirements.

To maintain our position of the leader in the top-end market niche we continuously invest in innovation, and development of the future technologies to ensure top quality of our product, and unmatchable customer service.

Our proactive, and meticulous personnel are carefully selected, and trained to provide empathetic, and pleasurable experience for all involved parties, while delivering every, and each detail precisely per expectations, and desired quality with a beauty of simplicity, finesse, and harmony for the complete success.

Due to COVID-19 our fully vaccinated and boosted personnel use complete protocol at all times to help stop spread of the virus.

Services Offer:

    Custom Top-End Comprehensive:

    · Project Management & Site Supervision
    · Site Safety Management
    · Site Protection & Maintenance
    · Structural & Non-Structural
    · Interior & Exterior
    · Selective Removals
    · Asbestos Abatement
    · Heating & Ventilating
    · Air Conditioning
    · Plumbing
    · Electric
    · Lighting
    · Drywall, Tape & Plaster
    · Millwork Cabinetry, Doors & Trims
    · Hardware
    · Hardwood Flooring
    · Paint & Stain
    · Stone & Tile
    · Stairs
    · Metalwork
    · Glasswork
    · Residential Equipment
    · Standalone Furniture & Upholstery
    · Home Automation
    · Audio & Video
    · Wireless & Wired Networking


Lifetime warranty.
All repairs at no charge but wear and tear.

Licenses, etc.:

We provide all required licensing, insurance, and work permitting at no cost to owners.

Support all contracts, and alteration agreements.

Bonded by the New York City.
Eco Friendly


(866) 258-6502

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Fine Art GC
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